Nobody can tell you why

The box finally arrives.

It is huge, brown, and contains more pills, needles, and medicine than you could’ve imagined. Probably more medicine than you’ve ever had to take in your life. It’s as if there is a tiny pharmacy sitting on your kitchen table, staring back up at you. …

Gentle reminders for the ones who feel helpless

When you’re pregnant, people will love to tell you about the inevitable things that will happen in your life once your child is born. Your husband or wife or partner will inevitably do a specific something that leaves you feeling helpless. Inevitably, you will no longer sleep. Your plans will…

A poem

I hope you let yourself outgrow things without guilt.

I hope you let your taste change without apology,
and let yourself enjoy the new cuisine,
or music,
or hobby that you have recently discovered.

I hope you let yourself delight in the newness of
that discovery,
and that you savor every…

Blooming doesn’t happen overnight, dear friend

When you feel like there’s no hope, I would urge you to stop for a minute. I would encourage you to stop for a minute, and close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Permit yourself to stay still as that breath reaches every cell in your being. Let your…

A poem for you

I hope you know that just as you make your bed in the morning,
and just as you decide on coffee or tea,
and just as you make up your mind about what clothes to wear,
you get to make yourself, too.

You get to make yourself into the person…

Sometimes you need to put down your phone

I hope you’re better at living your life than documenting it.

I hope you take all of the pictures and the videos and capture the moments that make your heart happy and your soul laugh, and your sense of self feel as if you could be anything and do everything…

Five gentle reminders for unsteady souls

Sometimes, the things we plan for go precisely how we expect. The time and energy that we’ve poured into the final result that we get seem worth it. Everything that we’ve been through up until this point seems worth it. The joy is palpable, too.

And then there are other…

A poem

The leaves are changing color,
and there is a crispness in the air,
and the smell of pumpkin spice wafts
through windows,
and houses,
and coffee shops everywhere.

Notes and tastes of cinnamon,
and nutmeg,
and ginger,
and cloves,
never cease to make the tastebuds tingle,
and conjure memories of hot apple cider
on a…

Lessons on finding joy after loss.

If you’re pregnant, you will inevitably run into the question as to whether or not you’re going to have a baby shower. The women (and men) in your life will want to throw you a party, celebrating your entrance into motherhood. People will ask you if you are registered, where…

Thoughts on the Broadway phenomenon

I work in theatre. I saw my first Broadway show when I was six years old. I have lost track of the number of shows I’ve seen on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and in regional theatres across the country. …

Megan Minutillo

I write essays and poetry about life lessons, love, relationships, and self-awareness. More info: Find me on Instagram: @meganminutillo.

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