A Tale Of Good Neighbors

Lessons from a hard winter.

Megan Minutillo


Photo by Christian Stahl on Unsplash

This year, the winter was rough — snow and cold and pandemic fatigue rolled into months that didn’t seem as if they would ever end.

It seemed as if more snow would fall as soon as our driveway was clear, a driveway, mind you, that feels as if it’s miles long.

(It’s not.)

But when you don’t have a snow shovel, or a snowplow, or any snow apparatus, even the tiniest driveway can feel as if it’s a never-ending road to Narnia.

If you’re inferring from that last statement that my husband and I didn’t own any snow removal device when we moved into our home, you are correct. We didn’t. We lived in an apartment before our new little house, and apartment living doesn’t require a snowplow.

So, needless to say, when the ground started to freeze and the snow started to fall, we were in a bit of a jam.

Enter our neighbor, a man we’ll call Charley, who has shown us the utmost kindness since we rolled into the driveway.

Charley had a plow, so he asked us if we’d like him to plow our driveway. This man, who works full time and has a wife and two kids, and a family that also lives in the area, wanted to help uncover our driveway so that we wouldn’t be waiting for spring to arrive to emerge from…



Megan Minutillo

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