Marry Someone Who Wants For You Want You Want For Yourself

Gentle reminders for romantic souls.

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As in, they should want you to fulfill your dreams, your goals, what lights your soul on fire — even if they cannot quite understand them.

Perhaps that dream will look like staying home when your children are small and diving headfirst into a career once they’re in school. Or maybe that dream looks like working at building your own company and wanting a husband or wife that’s going to be able to share in that build — or take on more responsibility when it comes to running their home and their lives.

Whatever your dream looks like, whatever the goals that you have, and the things you hope to achieve, I hope that the person whom you call husband or wife or your forever life partner supports your journey to get there.

I hope they hold your hand when you face inevitable job rejection, and I hope they are your biggest cheerleader when you are gearing up to throw your hat in the ring for something new. If you choose to be more careful with the food you consume and make healthier choices for you and your body — I hope they’re the one who picks up the produce. I hope they quiz you as you study for that big exam, and I hope they’re the first person other than you to hear or read or listen to your art.

I write essays and poetry about life lessons, love, relationships, and self-awareness.

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