I Got Engaged On a Thursday

There’s plenty of life to be lived before Friday night.

Photo by Kyle Sudu on Unsplash

I was just happy to be with my love, doing what I love, seeing a show in a city that will always be a part of my soul.

It was a Thursday, but it was a day I’ll never forget.

And when we do that, when we save our excitement for forty-eight hours and the end of our week, we let life slip through our fingers quickly, like the blink of an eye.

I hope you lean into the sweet moments peppered throughout your every day, that joy and celebration aren’t reserved solely for Saturday and Sunday and Friday nights. I hope you treasure the morning silence as you sip your cup of coffee before you begin your day. I hope you pay attention to the world outside your windows so that you may even catch a sunset or two. I hope you see that there is laughter to be found within the hours of the rest of the week; there is work that can flourish, and there are memories to be made, too.

I write essays and poetry about life lessons, love, relationships, and self-awareness. More info: meganminutillo.com. Find me on Instagram: @meganminutillo.

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