It’s Ok To Lead With Encouragement

You can lead with encouragement, even if you want behaviors to change.

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Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

Leadership and truth are strands of the same braid — you cannot have one without the other. But the other strand of that braid must be words of encouragement — therein lies the trifecta.

There is a lie that we tell ourselves that says that to be an effective leader, one must leave out feeling and steel themselves against emotion. That they must be “tough” or that there’s somehow something to be revered with the ones who are crass, or inflammatory, or rough around the edges and with their words. But what’s the point of that? What’s the outcome of that? How on earth does that make a productive workplace?

I write essays and poetry about life lessons, love, relationships, and self-awareness. More info: + @meganminutillo.

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