Stop Reading The Comments Section

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Your finger hovers above the icon, ever so slightly. You think about it for a moment, about putting it down, about turning to the people at your table and looking at them in their eyes instead of fixating on a screen.

You give into the curiosity — it’s a urge you cannot control.

So you do it, you sign into the social media platform of your choice. And you look at what people are writing on the internet. And then, against all better judgement, you look at the comments section.

Let’s get this clear — you should never, ever, EVER look at the comments section, ok?


The comments section is where hope goes to die. The comments section is where dreams get a beating. The comments section is the worst place on the internet. To quote My Best Friends Wedding, the comments section is, “the fungus that feeds on the pond scum.”

And who wants to sit and soak in pond scum? It’s just…counterproductive. It’s also kind of gross.

Do you need to read about what Pam in Iowa is thinking about the current state of politics? No, you do not. Do you need to know how Steve from high school thinks your new favorite television show is the worst thing to come out on Netflix since…well, ever? No, you do not. Do you need to know how Bill and Janet are hating on some sweet video that a parent put on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram in an attempt to infuse the positivity on the internet? No. you do not.

You. Don’t. Need. To. Read. It.

Say it with me now, “I do not need to read it.”

The comments section of any article on the internet is not worth your time or attention. It’s an energy sucker. It’s an abyss of hate, of misinformation, of opinions of strangers that are, more often than not, fueled by hate.

Why on earth would you want to read that?!

By all means, read the news. Stay informed. Diversify the media that you consume. But please stop reading the comments of strangers on the internet. There’s no good that come of it.

I write essays and poetry about life lessons, love, relationships, and self-awareness. More info: + @meganminutillo.

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