What Makes A Good Neighbor?

A poem

Megan Minutillo
1 min readMay 4, 2020


Photo by Mathyas Kurmann on UnsplashWhat makes a good neighbor?

What makes a good neighbor?

Perhaps it’s lending a cup of sugar,
a stick of butter,
a pinch of salt,
an egg.

Maybe it’s the knowledge,
that it’s ok to come to
your front door.

To be unafraid to knock
once or twice or thrice.

To know that on
the other side of that door
a warm welcome awaits.

To be met with a ‘hello,’
and a smile,
and an extra seat at a table.

What makes a good neighbor?

Maybe it means understanding
that next door to you is another

That they too bleed.
That they too breathe.
That they too need to eat, and drink, and sleep.

That they too want to live
without worry,
without fear,
and with the ones that they love.

Maybe being a good neighbor means being a good human.



Megan Minutillo

Essayist, poet, and theatre producer. I write stories about self-awareness, IVF, and finding your footing in life’s messy moments. Instagram: @meganminutillo.